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Alice in Wonderland tickets now on sale

acting classes Holliston MA

Tickets for Prana’s big fall production of Alice in Wonderland are now on sale. Hop down the rabbit hole with us and have a blast exploring Alice’s adventures through magical wonderland! This musical version of the delightful Disney movie has a short running time (about an hour plus intermission) so it’s perfect for even the youngest theatre-goers! Order tickets here!

Pictured, director Roberta Weiner with Mad Tea party actors!

Alice in Wonderland has been cast

alice wonderland acting classes Holliston MA

So excited for our wonderful Alice cast! Find out who was cast as Alice tall, medium and small! Who runs around sings about how late they are? Who bumbles around and always says “Sorry!” Who has a grin that just won’t stop. All the cast members, grade K-high school, are listed here 

Check out the Prana rap!

Listen to this fun, original rap written and performed at camp this summer by a Prana student! Of course it’s to the beat of Alexander Hamilton and was performed as part of “Broadway Rocks!” in August 2017! Link to the YouTube video is below.

Here are the lyrics:
How does an actor, singer, dancer and performer in a small town
dropped in the middle of an awesome spot inside a basement near library and deep tissue massages
have fun and put on shows and get applauses
a new start or something harder
without yo’ mother
get a lot farther
by working a lot harder
by having a kind hearter
all while being a self-starter
in between,
they’ll place you in charge of yourself and others,
and everyone behaves and you start to go talk and be brave,
and then you wave and soon it will just start up,
inside just that feeling of something to be a part of you wanna just get real and feel your heart up,
then a hurricane comes you think devastation’s rained on
man you see your future drip dripping down the drain,
then you realize that you’ve come so far and all with little pain,
they’ll write it in your brain
you have much more to gain

Now the word gets around that this show is insane man,
everybody’s coming in, nervous but know the game plan,
ok you’re getting ready you’re about to claim your fame,
now the world’s gonna know your name!
What’s your name man?
Prana Center Holliston.


Thanks for a great summer!


What a wonderful summer – our 15th year of camp and first year of 7 weeks! Fun from beginning to end, starting with our Improv camp and Summer Stock (a production of 12 Angry Men), followed by a full production of Annie, and our regular 2-week musical revues. Thanks to our wonderful staff, campers and all the great parents who support everything we do here at Prana! 

We’re already thinking about year 16! Summer camp page is here.

Come Friday to “Broadway Rocks!”

acting classes Holliston MA

Our final camp show of the summer is “Broadway Rocks,” a fun, fast-paced adventure through rock and rock and hip-hop on Broadway. Starting with the patter songs of Gilbert & Sullivan, moving through the fast-paced talk of Stephen Sondheim, and ending with today’s Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, Broadway has had a wild ride! Show is free and open to the public – Friday, Aug. 11 at 1:30 pm at Adams Middle School.