Acting News

So proud of our singers!

Loved the musical direction of Joanne Hines in our recent production of Beauty & the Beast. Her decades of experience teaching children to sing difficult music, including harmonies, really shone in the wonderful show! 

On our YouTube channel, you can enjoy lots of our past performances. Here’s a link to one from Beauty & the Beast!

Session C show – so much fun

What a wonderful Session C show! Loved every minute. Can’t believe our marathon 7 weeks of summer are over and we’re heading for fall! Here is one video to give you a sense of what our oldest actors worked on this year! 

Session B show a smash hit!

So much fun Friday as our Summer Session B actors performed their show, “School’s Out.” The energy and enthusiasm was infectious. A great revue with songs relating to school, and just feelings that kids get and explore and have in common. Plus thoughful monologues from our older actors. Our wonderful teen staff directed and choreographed most of the show and did an amazing job. So proud! Lots of picture on Facebook. Here’s one.

A Supercalifragilistic Day!

Summer Acting at Prana Center Holliston

What a wonderful day yesterday with our summer performance of Mary Poppins Jr. Kites were flying high, spoonfuls of sugar were eaten, and chimneys were swept! Sixty kids and teens singing and dancing their hearts out. We loved every minute! Lots of photos on Facebook. Here’s a short clip from Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

Mischief Managed!

What an amazing week in the Wizarding World! My staff and I – obsessed with Harry Potter – welcomed 40 witches and wizards to the Prana School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for 5 days of magic!

Our students enjoyed classes in Care of Magical Creatures (pictured), Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Occlumency and Dueling! They created improvised stories and skits based on Harry Potter quotes randomly sprinkled inside pocketbooks! And they enjoyed a (safe) Triward Tournament and delicious end of year feast complete with Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice concocted not by an unpaid elf, but by Chef Lizet, an awesome member of our staff!

We also collected socks to free a House Elf, and have a box with probably a hundred pairs! If we can’t find that many elves that want to be freed, the socks will be donated to Project Just Because. Collecting will continue all summer long!

For more information on this summer’s programs, visit the camp page!