Past Productions

Jujubi and the Curse of Wing and Goldilocks Speaks!

Written by Roberta Weiner and Nick Morana
scene study - acting class metrowest boston
Creative & Technical Team:
Written and Directed By Roberta Weiner and Nick Morana

Stage Manager: Drew Madden
Assistant Directors (Goldilocks Speaks):
Sarah Bassett and Alisha Morana
Costume Designer: Chris Brumbach
Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Powers

Art Director (Publicity, Tickets, Program):
Karen Mandell, KM Design, Framingham
Props: Ellen Freedman
Sound: Mike Wechsler
Lights: Byron Tau
House Manager: Karen Shaw
Set Painting: Jacqui Jursek
Life Masks, Dream Children: Sue Storer, Debbie Wheelwright, Margaret Kennedy
Publicity, Holliston Public Schools: Jan Stout
Jump Rope Coach: Alicia Defronzo
Audition Assistance: Deborah Gray Bloom, Chris Brumbach, Ellen Freedman, Steve Durning-Hammond, Karen Shaw
Liaison, St. Michael’s Church: Steve Durning-Hammond
Performance Dates:
April 5,6,7,12,13,14
Location: St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Holliston, MA

Prana’s inaugural production! Two original plays, Goldilocks Speaks and Jujubi and the Curse of Wing (an interactive play where kids picked the plot!).