Why do we lie down at the end of Yoga?

Mar 27, 2017
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So someone asked the other day, why do we lie down at the end of Yoga? 

Relaxation at the end of Yoga is called “Savasana” or (less beautifully) “corpse pose.”

It is a practice all its own, separate from the physical practice. During savasana we allow our bodies to replenish while the nervous system moves to a parasympathetic state. Less scientifically, this is when the relaxation response kicks in – your breathing slows and blood pressure lowers.

This can relieve stress and even mild depression, as well as reducing headaches, fatigue and insomnia (among many other benefits).

Plus, scientific studies have found 20 minutes of the deeper form of relaxation to be even more nourishing and regenerative than several hours of sleep! 

To practice this deeper form, known as Yoga Nidra, use the videos I’ve recorded. Here is one, and there are more on my YouTube site.