New – Donation-based Meditation classes at Prana

Sep 28, 2019
A fascinating new study showed meditators – even brand-new meditators – had increased gray matter in several areas of the brain. This includes areas relating to your senses which makes “sense” because you focus on the present moment, noticing sounds and physical sensations in the body. But the surprising part was that meditators also had increased the size of their frontal cortex! This relates to decision-making and working memory.
Lots of studies out there, but reading one like this it inspires me to get back on the meditation cushion. I tend to meditate for very short periods, and while this study suggested that short is okay they do see more benefits with longer sessions.
A space opened up in our fall schedule so I’m going to sneak in a Meditation class – this will be a donation class and all proceeds will go to our charity of the month. You can either drop in a cash donation of any amount (truly any amount), or just check off that you have a card and we’ll donate for you the equivalent of one class fee. Join me – it starts Thursday, Oct. 10, 10-11 am. If there’s interest, we’ll continue!
We will explore different styles of meditation, and you are sure to find the one that works for you. Each session will include instruction and practice. If you are an experienced practitioner you can tune out the instruction! Beginners very strongly encouraged to try it! It will include sitting and lying down.
Our October charity is Dana Farber/Jimmy Fund, as thanks for all the help they’ve given so many of us. (Also we donate 100% of proceeds from our introductory class cards to our monthly charity. September’s is Wayside Family Services in Framingham.)