The Pirates of Penzance

The Pirates of Penzance

Excited to announce our cast!
The Pirates:
Pirate King - Michael Crandall-McBride
Frederic - Abigail Halstead
Ruth - Rachel Henson
David - Riley Greendale
Jonah - Maren Fraser
Samuel - Sadie Bigelow
Abraham - Alex Cashin
Joseph - Lauren Hanlon and May Shade

Daughters and their Father
Mabel - Anni Stevens
Edith - Sophie Rickman
Kate - Caroline Monteith
Isabel - Mia McGann
Rebecca - Maya Rosen
Dorothy - Abby MacFadyen
Rose - Lexie Bowie
Greta - Emily Dorman
Beatrice - Reis Perelli
Ethel - Sophia Warnetski
Josephine - Margaux Pellisier
Major General Stanley - Charlotte Wolfstich

The Police:
Police Sergeant Cornwall - Ruby O'Brien
Officer Altarnun - Drew Cummings
Officer Boscastle - Olivia Liberis
Officer Callington - Taylor Coughlin
Officer Gwennap - Ally Forbes
Officer Holywell - Margaret Floeckher
Officer Launceton - Sophie Weber

The Police

Our awesome grades K-3 cast!
Ezra - Chloe Roche
Ezekial - Graham Fields
Child Pirate Frederic/Isaac - Leo Pellisier
Benjamin - Claire Nielsen
Jacob - Ryan Klimeczko
Child Pirate King/Michael - Gabi Boucher
Zachariah - Cliffy Roberts
Abel - Bonnie McClain
Cain - Caroline Mulik
Nathaniel - Caroline Dean

British navy/Police
British navy Captain/girl/Officer Padstow - Victoria Edwards
British navy sergeant/Officer Redruth - Louisa Bigelow
British Lord High Admiral/Officer St. Mawes - Marie Madero
British navy Corporal/Officer Zenner - Elena Tapper-Torres
British navy Lieutenant/Officer Delabole - Nicholas DiPippo
British navy Vice Admiral/Officer Eastcott - Maggie Mulik

A ship full of boisterous pirates, a town filled with lovely maidens, a hilarious group of bumbling policeman, and a Major General who was rapping before that was a thing! It’s Prana’s 2020 spring musical, The Pirates of Penzance, a comedic musical that’s as fun to sing as it is to watch! Great parts for all ages.