Tinkerbell on Trial 2020

Tinkerbell on Trial 2020

Location: Prana Center
Mad Hatter/Judge - Alex Cashin
Little Red Riding Hood - Mia McGann
Cat in the Hat - Saachi Chandrakant
Perry Hotter/John - Olivia Huntington
Tin Man/Nibs - Nicholas DiPippo
Queen of Hearts - Ally Forbes
Merlin - Charlotte Wolfstich
Tootles - Gabi Boucher
Nana/Wicked Witch - Holly Cashin
Dorothy - Lucy Stevens
Tinkerbell - Taylor Coughlin
Peter Pan - Grace Mitchell
Wendy Darling - Chloe Kassell
Snow White/Freckles - Catherine Colunio
Prince Charming/Michael - Gavin Jaraskul

This fun fairy tale spoof of courtroom dramas returns to the Prana stage for four shows this winter! 

Thursday, January 23 at 4 pm

Friday, Jan. 24 at 7 pm

Saturday, Jan. 25 at 1 and 3 pm

Tickets available at the door $15/adults and $10 kids.

Email robertamweiner@gmail.com if you would like to reserve