Mary Poppins Jr.

Mary Poppins Jr.

Summer Acting at Prana Center Holliston
Creative & Technical Team:
Directed by Roberta Weiner
Music Director Joanne Hines
Assistant Directors/Choreographers: Amanda Bigelow and Alecia Thomas
Music Assistant: Joseph Duda
Student Assistants: Alex Dent, Sara Penchansky, Paige Rezendes
Costumes and Set Design: Mindy Allen
Performance Dates:
Friday, July 20, 2018 at 1:30 pm
Location: Robert Adams Middle School, Holliston
Mary Poppins act 1 – Olivia Dwyer
Mary Poppins act 2 – Abby Rachlin
Bert act 1 – Carina Brown
Bert act 2 – Claudia McMahon
George Banks, act 1 – Teddy Peters
George Banks, act 2 – Julia Quatromoni
Winifred Banks, act 1 – Libby Frassinelli
Winifred Banks, act 2 – Samantha Curry
Jane act 1 – Ruby O’Brien
Jane act 2 – Adele Boggess
Michael act 1 – Sadie Bigelow
Michael act 2 – Zoe Plotkin
Mrs. Brill act 1 – Caroline Monteith
Mrs. Brill act 2 – Emma Winget
Ellen the maid act 1 – Margaux Pellissier
Robertson Ay act 1 – Sadie Plotkin
Robertson Ay act 2 – Addison McShane
Katie Nanna – Julia Molloy
Neleus – Sydney Roy (in Jolly Holiday)
Additional statues – Ella Coughlin, Katelyn Plante (in Jolly Holiday)
Policeman – Lily Brinkman (is in Jolly Holiday)
Park Strollers (Jolly Holiday) – Caroline Monteith (as Mrs. Brill), Sadie Plotkin (as Robertson Ay), Giada Adovasio, Samantha Curry, Julia Quatromoni, Lila Moore, Sophia Reis, Lilah Roy, Elle Thompson, Aislinn Sidloski, Leah Wood, plus K-2 ensemble
Honeybees: K-3 cast
Bird Woman – Emma Reardon
Bird Woman ensemble – Lorna King, Claudia McMahon, Abby Rachlin, Caroline Monteith, Liza Kashyna, Adele Boggess, Ella Coughlin, Zoe Plotkin
Chairman – Nora Kempner
Von Hussler – Lorna King
John Northbrook – Liza Kashyna
Clerks – Claudia McMahon, Abby Rachlin, Caroline Monteith
Mrs. Corry – Nora Kempner
Mrs. Corry’s customers – Giada Adovasio, Olivia Beaudet, Lily Brinkman (as policeman), Alison Fonseca, Sophia Luzietti, Addison McShane, Ava Morrison, Julia Molloy (as Katie Nanna), Margaux Pellissier (as Ellen), Leah Wood
Miss Andrew – Sydney Roy
Let’s Go Fly a Kite ensemble – Giada Adovasio, Olivia Beaudet, Sadie Bigelow, Lily Brinkman (as policeman), Carina Brown, Ella Coughlin, Olivia Dwyer, Alison Fonseca, Libby Frassinelli, Liza Kashyna, Lorna King, Sophia Luzietti, Julia Molloy, Lila Moore, Ava Morrison, Ruby O’Brien, Lilly Ornsteen, Margaux Pellisier, Teddy Peters, Sadie Plotkin, Sophia Reis, Lilah Roy, Elle Thompson, Aislinn Sidloski, Leah Wood
Messenger – Giada Adovasio
Sweep #1 – Libby Frassinelli
Sweep #2 – Liza Kashyna
Sweep #3 – Lilly Ornsteen
Sweep #4 – Sophia Luzietti
Chimney Sweep Dancers: Olivia Beaudet, Alison Fonseca, Nora Kempner, Lorna King, Addison McShane, Ava Morrison, Julia Molloy, Margaux Pellisier, Teddy Peters, Emma Reardon (plus grade 3 ensemble)

Grade 3 ensemble: Ryan Adorno, Ella Lombardo, Aarushi Iyengar, Fiona McAuley, Gracie Mitchell, May Shade, Lucille Stillitano, Maeva Thomas, Victoria Thomas, Annabelle Winget

Grade K-2 ensemble: Louisa Bigelow, Caroline Coughlin, Jackson Hanegan, Caroline Mulik, Claire Nielsen, Courtney Novelline, Lauren Plante, Leo Pellissier, Ahalya Seelam, Madison Sullivan, Elizabeth Thomas, Alexandra Thomas, Mae Thompson

Spirits (and kites!) were flying high in our summer performance of the “Supercalifragilistic” musical Mary Poppins Jr.! Chimneys were swept, Honeybees and a “Spoonful of Sugar” helped the medicine go down, and all in all it was “Practically Perfect” in every way!

The musical opens with the jack-of-all trades, Bert, introducing us to England in 1910 and the troubled Banks family. Young Jane and Michael have sent many a nanny packing before Mary Poppins arrives on their doorstep. Using a combination of magic and common sense, she must teach the family members how to value each other again. Mary Poppins takes the children on many magical and memorable adventures, but Jane and Michael aren’t the only ones upon whom she has a profound effect.