Gift drive for needy senior citizens

Nov 13, 2018
Yoga Prana Center Holliston mA

UPDATED 11-28-18: The drive is now over! Thank you so much for the very generous contributions!!

A note from Roberta Weiner:

I teach Yoga at the Holliston Senior Center, which has made me aware of the many Senior Citizens who are alone and in need right here in our own community. For many years, and continuing this year, we have collected holiday gifts for these needy seniors.

A collection bin is upstairs in the foyer at Prana. Drop off at Yoga or Acting classes, or rehearsals, or if you’re not here regularly, drop off anytime! If the front door is locked just leave it on the bench outside or hang it on the front door. We’re always around.

Deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Suggested gifts:
gloves, scarves and socks for men or women
hand lotion or other similar toiletries
packets of hot chocolate or boxes of tea
large-print books or puzzle books
anything you can think of that would warm the heart of an older person home alone

I know there are tons of requests for donations this time of year. Thank you for considering.