NEW – Saturday morning Mindfulness Meditation

Feb 1, 2018
Yoga Prana Center Holliston MA

Join Kathleen Saturday mornings from 11:30-noon for a community meditation sit. 
If you have been interested in starting a meditation practice or if you have a practice and would like to sit with a group join Kathleen and other students for seated mediation after her Saturday 10-11:15 class. You do not have to attend yoga (there will be a 15 minute transition between yoga and mindfulness meditation) however it is very important to be seated and ready at 11:30. Please arrive at around 11:20 if you are not attending class. This is a donation class and all donations will go to a charity chosen by Kathleen and fellow meditators.
Kathleen will explore various forms of meditation in the weeks to come. Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve health and overall quality of life, reduce anxiety and depression, increase concentration, and strengthen the ability to cope with stress in every day life.