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Theatre for kids – more than acting

The other day a reporter and cameraman from the local cable station came in to film some scenes from our current play, the Girls of Salem. The reporter asked me all about the play, and also wondered, so what are the benefits of theatre for kids? I talked about teamwork, public speaking skills, making friends outside of school and lots more. 

Then today, I saw a great blog post called “The Acting Life” – it said everything I said and so much more! I had to check and see if I wrote it! Just kidding – but I share these sentiments. 

Check it out here … 

A kinder, gentler New Year’s resolution

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A yogic “intention” is a wonderful way to create lasting, positive change. Instead of a resolution that may be self-judgmental, try for a fresh start in 2019 like this:

1. First – Pick one thing you would like to change in 2019. For example – let’s take the most common New Year’s resolution – losing weight.

(A typical New Year’s resolution might be – This is the year I’m finally going to lose those last 5 pounds! No gluten! 45 minutes a day on the treadmill!)

2. Instead – rephrase the resolution gently, in the positive, present tense, as if it’s already true. For example, “I love feeling healthy and fit,” or “I enjoy movement and stretching.”

3. Repeat the intention to yourself each morning. You can simple say it once, or you can incorporate it as a mantra in a longer meditation practice.

4. One day, with regular practice, you will realize that your intention has come true, and that you’re ready to move on to a new intention.

The power of intention isn’t magic, but it’s practical and it works. Like the regular practice of Yoga, it has the power to bring positive changes to your life.

Here’s to a peaceful, healthy 2019!