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It’s a lot easier to practice in California

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I got back from vacation last night, to a leaky roof and snow drifts in my driveway taller than I am!  Truly, it was much easier to practice in California.

But I got up this morning, unrolled my mat, and found my breath.  This is where I choose to live, and I appreciate my students, my family and the change of seasons.  Yes, even winter.  I did miss my wood stove.

If you can’t get out, use the hibernation as an opportunity to work on your meditation practice. Breathing in, I know I am breathing in.  Breathing out, I know I am breathing out. Close your eyes, and when you open them, who knows, it might be spring.

Can’t fall asleep?

Instead of stressing when you can’t fall asleep, try this guided relaxations specially designed to send you off into a deep, restful sleep.  You probably won’t be looking at the pictures, but if you are, hope you enjoy the slide show of shots I took at a recent trip to the Kripalu Yoga Center!