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Take a moment to breathe

Use this 50-second meditation for a moment of peace.

Ready to Stretch More Than Your Hamstrings?

Recently a parent sat in on a rehearsal I was running with 80+ kids and asked how I stayed so patient.
Yoga, I told her. Really?, she asked.
I stumbled upon Yoga at BU many years ago, and it’s been part of my life ever since. My regular Yoga practice has helped me through major surgery, keeps me cool when overseeing large children’s programs, and of course always reminds me to breathe through all that regular day to day stuff.
Some students become so enamored with Yoga, they start to think it’s magic. I sadly have to break the news to them – no matter how much you practice, you can still get sick, your loved ones might leave you, your boss can drive you crazy.
But if you’re open to a new approach to life, Yoga will teach you to breathe through difficulty, walk a moderate path when those around you are taking sides, and in general live with equanimity and gentleness.