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Back to school stress?

I’ve been teaching Yoga to the kids at camp all summer, and as we get closer to school they’ve been sharing a lot about school worries. The worries are bigger if they are making a big transition, especially elementary to middle school. They’ve found a lot of relief from Yoga, especially relaxation and meditation techniques but also the focus and concentration derived from practicing demanding physical postures. At Prana, we have one Kids Yoga class and also welcome serious children and teens into adult classes

There was a terrific little story on PBS last night about yoga programs in schools. It’s worth a quick 3 minute watch!

Theatre for kids – more than acting

The other day a reporter and cameraman from the local cable station came in to film some scenes from our current play, the Girls of Salem. The reporter asked me all about the play, and also wondered, so what are the benefits of theatre for kids? I talked about teamwork, public speaking skills, making friends outside of school and lots more. 

Then today, I saw a great blog post called “The Acting Life” – it said everything I said and so much more! I had to check and see if I wrote it! Just kidding – but I share these sentiments. 

Check it out here …