My daughter has participated in Prana acting center for the past two years. She has developed a great appreciation for the hard work and effort that are involved in making a show come together. Prana gives her the opportunity to be a positive example for younger actors as well as the chance to learn from the older kids in the program. The confidence and happiness she experiences at Prana are the greatest reward of all. We are so thankful for Roberta and her staff.
Jennifer Monteith, Holliston
Prana yoga center has provided a comfortable environment for me to focus on becoming physically stronger and internally calmer. Taking the time to practice yoga during the week has resulted in my having the ability to feel more centered and compassionate. I have learned how to relax and let go of worries while I am on the mat. Roberta has taught me the benefit of what she aptly refers to as “taking a well deserved rest”. When I am well rested, stronger and calmer, everyone in the family benefits.
Jennifer Monteith, Holliston
Roberta, I've said this before but it bears repeating. The sense of comradery, spirit, dignity and fun you give to our community through the children's theatre is immeasurable. I love seeing how the children rise to every occasion nurtured by your love, energy and leadership. Fiddler - a truly adult play - was testimonial to the beauty of theatre for every age.
Sandra Torres, Holliston
I cannot say enough positive things about the Prana Center. Roberta has developed a supportive, caring, positive community where everyone is valued and the kids work together in such wonderful ways. My children have gained so much self-confidence and interpersonal skills, not to mention a love and appreciation for theatre.
Amanda Bigelow, Holliston
I have been working with Prana for just over a year. I love it so much!! I have a second home and family here. I want to give a big thanks to Roberta for taking me under her wing and showing me around. I would not be myself today without her. Prana Center is such a wonderful environment, and there are so many wonderful people here. I definitely recommend to send your kids here if they love to act!
Grace Kasten, grade 7, 5-star Google review