I cannot say enough positive things about the Prana Center. Roberta has developed a supportive, caring, positive community where everyone is valued and the kids work together in such wonderful ways. My children have gained so much self-confidence and interpersonal skills, not to mention a love and appreciation for theatre.
Amanda Bigelow, Holliston
I have been working with Prana for just over a year. I love it so much!! I have a second home and family here. I want to give a big thanks to Roberta for taking me under her wing and showing me around. I would not be myself today without her. Prana Center is such a wonderful environment, and there are so many wonderful people here. I definitely recommend to send your kids here if they love to act!
Grace Kasten, grade 7, 5-star Google review
Have been doing yoga now for 9 weeks with Roberta. I’m feeling more relaxed. The best is a better night's sleep!
Donna Cady, 5-star review from Google
I can’t say enough good things about the Prana Center and Prana Productions. My daughter has been involved in Prana summer drama camp, school vacation camp, the larger musicals, and the smaller, age-based productions for several years now, and Prana is one of the defining experiences of her childhood. Roberta and all her wonderful staff emphasize responsibility, respect, and teamwork, and the positive, supportive environment empowers kids to grow and challenge themselves. Prana gives them a chance to make new friends, learn new skills, and gain confidence, and they learn an important lesson: everyone contributes to a successful show, and every part matters. Most importantly, they have so much fun doing it! The happiest days in our household are the ones where my daughter knows she is going to Prana. We are so grateful for Prana, and recommend it most highly.
Laurie Edwards, 5-star review on Google
Both my children (girl 7 and boy 10) are involved in Prana and LOVE it. Roberta and her team are EXCELLENT in their knowledge of the arts. More importantly (to me) they are SO WONDERFUL at helping teach the children responsibility, respect and the importance of teamwork in a positive and uplifting (but not coddling) manner and atmosphere. I feel so blessed, and am so thankful, we were introduced to Prana. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT to anyone considering.
Katie McBride