My kids LOVE Prana! They have both grown so much in their confidence and creativity over the years performing in Prana productions and attending Prana camps. Neither of them enjoy sports. I love that they have Prana to keep them involved in a collaborative, social activity with their peers. Roberta has so much love and patience for the kids. I always trust that they are in good hands when they are at Prana.
Cara Robert Rachlin, Holliston, 5-star review from Facebook
My children and I have been going to the Prana Center for years. I started practicing Yoga with Roberta back in her original location when I first moved to Holliston. I continued when I became pregnant with my son and Roberta created a prenatal class for all her students that were getting pregnant at the same time. (So cute as all of our children have been together in school for 12 years now.) Both of my children have done theatre at the Prana Center as well as attended Prana's Summer Camp. My daughter has been in numerous plays and the friendships made through Prana have been solid ones for years. Prana prepared her for High School theatre and soon college! In such a small town, Roberta and the Prana Center are a HUGE asset.
Andrea O’Leary, Holliston
The Prana Center is such a warm and welcoming environment! I have been involved in the theatre and summer camp programs for 5 years now, and it is always so much fun! Definitely recommend for anyone who is looking for an amazing theatre experience or even just to have fun!
Julia Giusti-Kizik, Holliston
I've been going to the Prana Center and doing theater with Roberta for 8 years now, and I definitely recommend this theater group to anyone who wants a great acting experience! It is such a welcoming and an accepting place with lots of opportunities to shine and grow. Also, it is a great way for kids and teenagers to make lots of new friends even in other grades or in other towns. Theater is an art form, for you express who you are, and the Prana Center has helped me do that. I would not be the person I am today, and I would not be able to express who I truly am without the Prana Center. :)
Anna Damigella, Holliston
The Prana Center has been one of my homes away from home for the last 12 years. It is a wellspring for creativity that celebrates artists (young and old) through acting, dancing, and yoga. The Prana Center gave me the opportunity to explore my talents, work together with kids of all ages, and evolve from a young performer into an experienced senior counselor at Prana summer camp. The individuals involved with Prana productions are truly my family! Under the expert guidance of Roberta Weiner, kids will learn and grow in a supportive, knowledgeable, and inclusive setting. Prana summer camp is a unique, warm, accepting, and extraordinary environment. Give your child the gift of experiencing the Prana Center.
Becca Butensky, Boston