I am a long time fan of the Prana Center, The teachers are constantly changing their classes to incorporate new fitness trends. Just to give a few examples - Helen pays careful attention to her students' alignment during her Yoga with weights class. Mary Ellen conducts a lively Vinyasa Flow class. Mary Starr Greene creates a wonderful monthly relaxation class for the evening students.
Mary Kinsella, Holliston
One of the many reasons I love Prana is that it is so kid-centered. Kids not only act in the shows; they work behind the scenes, help to choose the shows, direct, grow up to become camp counselors and serve as great role models for the littler ones. They get to be involved in every part of the process and they put their hearts into every show. Whether you have a kindergartener with their first part in the ensemble, a middle schooler with a lead, or a child who wants to assistant direct, stage manage, or run the light board, Roberta creates a relaxed, fun and supportive environment where everyone feels free to shine! In the words of my daughter, “I love getting to hang out with other kids who love to act, and Roberta is so relaxed and she makes everything fun.”
Melissa Hurst, Holliston
My son began participating in the Prana Acting Center productions about 2 years ago, and since that time, Prana has become his #1 favorite activity. He loves being part of this group and he loves the process of putting on a production from the beginnings of learning his lines to the final performances. His self-esteem and self-confidence has really blossomed- my adult friends are blown away by his presence on stage. One of the side-benefits of his participation in this program is that he now knows kids from all grades, which has resulted in much less anxiety about dealing with "older" kids in new situations.
Sue Stokes, Holliston
The Prana Center is such a special place. My daughters have enjoyed being a part of so many performances there. Of all of the activities that they do this is always their favorite. Roberta is so gifted with working with these kids. Not only does she teach them the necessary skills for performance but she also teaches them calming and yoga techniques. As the parent I feel that my girls have learned wonderful public speaking skills, gained confidence in performing in front of others and other strategies they will carry with them throughout life. We are so grateful for this special gem.
Laurie Nealon, Medfield
Prana camp is by far the best time of the year for me! All year I look forward to summer at Prana and camp gets better every year! I have made so many new friends over the years.
Olivia Palmer, Holliston