Prenatal yoga at the Prana Center has been a great experience. I am to build strength and flexibility in a safe way and connect with other moms. Courtney and Roberta are welcoming and supportive instructors. I would recommend the prenatal yoga series to any expecting mother.
Jocelyn Winzer, Holliston
I like the pacing, the music, the sound of Roberta's voice (soothing!). It's a great class! Don't change anything!
Kris Adams, Holliston
Roberta's positive energy and soothing voice immediately set the tone for a great yoga experience. I always feel positive about myself during and after class. Roberta encourages, but never pressures, each person to realize their fullest expression and potential during each class.
Lana McAuliffe, Hopkinton
Morning yoga with Roberta is fantastic! It is such a great way to start your day!
Joe Duda, Holliston
As an active senior, I appreciate the fact that there is no pressure to compete, and the message is "be safe, be healthy." I am able to heal and strengthen myself without comparing. And Roberta's voice could lull even the most reluctant meditator into a peaceful place.
Mary Greendale, Holliston