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Kripalu Yoga Classes

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Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you haven’t tried Kripalu Yoga classes, you are in for a treat. There’s a special feeling in each Kripalu class, as if you’re coming home to your own body, mind and spirit. Our Kripalu-trained teachers help you develop mind, body and spirit in a compassionate, non-judgmental way. You are guided to move at your own pace, honoring your body’s needs in each moment. You will stretch and tone muscles, and leave feeling energized and refreshed. All classes include pranayama (breathing exercises) and deep relaxation; some include seated meditation and Yoga Nidra. All Kripalu classes at the Prana Center include suggestions for modifications as needed. The practice of Kripalu Yoga comes from a long tradition in India and teachers are trained at the beautiful Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA

Beginner’s Yoga

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Warm, welcoming class!

If you’ve been meaning to try Yoga but something is holding you back, Beginner’s Yoga is a wonderful way to get started. 

Yoga is a proven way to increase strength, flexibility and balance, and is wonderfully relaxing. You will learn to breath more deeply and find levels of peace and serenity you didn’t know were possible. Western science has recently caught up to what experienced practitioners know for sure in their bodies and minds – yoga (when practiced carefully with a certified teacher) truly helps heal aches and pains and can help you manage weight and overall health.

A student writes:

I LOVE the class. Just love it love it love it. I sleep like a baby after each class. I swear it’s already contributed to my lowered blood pressure (confirmed by my tracking and doctor). During times of stress outside of class, I feel I’m already now equipped to breathe and relax and take myself to a peaceful state of mind I’ve never reached before thanks to this class. – Brook Henderson, Holliston

All fitness levels welcome! 

This class is for those of any fitness level and experience, from absolute beginners to those who want a brush-up! 

Some good things to know: Yoga is done wearing comfortable clothes. Layers are great as we warm up and cool down. Yoga is generally done barefoot. The Prana Center has mats you can borrow and water is always available at no charge. There is a place to change if you want that!

Teacher: Michele Proulx

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Yoga with Weights/Yoga on the Ball

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Be Strong.

This powerful, enjoyable class adds low amounts of resistance to aid in building lean muscle and bone density. It is wonderful for toning and weight management. The perfect class if you are looking to get stronger in a safe, controlled setting. Appropriate for all levels, including beginners. The teachers use a variety of tools, including hand weights and resistance bands for a fun and varied practice. 

Every Friday and the first Sunday of the month we practice Yoga on the Ball, using a stability ball along with hand weights for a full, varied practice. Mondays we focus on hand weights. The class is also available on occasional Thursday mornings. Make sure you’re on the Prana email list for updates! 

Restorative Yoga

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Candlelight and Chocolates!

This incredibly relaxing candlelight class weaves in gentle movement and stretching with a series of prop-supported postures that you hold passively, unwinding deeply-held tension and restoring balance to mind, body and spirit. Roberta reads you poetry as you breathe and stretch into bliss. Class ends with deep relaxation guided by Roberta’s soothing voice, to ease you into a good night’s sleep. Have a chocolate after class and appreciate it with mindfulness.

Restorative Yoga with Roberta is generally held the first Wednesday night of each month, from 7-8 pm. Come at 6:45 to set up if you can. Check the schedule for any changes due to holidays or vacations.

Yoga Core

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Build your core!

You are only as strong as your Core! Yoga Core is a great Yoga class for anyone who wants to strengthen core muscles and build overall physical strength. A variety of methods are used from class to class, including work with Yoga Balls, floor work, core building during Vinyasa flow, and much more. Mary-Ellen (pictured) is a friendly, fun teacher who encourages you to go deeper and work harder, with compassion and mindfulness!

Morning Slow Flow

Start Your Morning Right

Morning Slow Flow begins with a gentle warm-up, providing an opportunity to settle the mind, wake up the body and connect with the breath before moving into slow, mindful sun salutations. This prepares the body for a grounded warrior sequence and some playful balancing before returning to the floor for some stretching and strengthening postures on the stomach and back.  Pose modifications are encouraged so all participants can find the practice that is right for them. The class ends with a few restorative poses and a final relaxation.

Yoga Nidra with Mindfulness Meditation

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Ultimate Relaxation!

Discover the amazing benefits of the incredibly relaxing practice of Yoga Nidra. This enjoyable, easy practice is done lying down. The instructor leads you on a meditative journey that is not only relaxing, but can also help you relieve stress, sleep better at night, and calm mind and body. Each session will end with seated Mindfulness Meditation so you can focus the mind for a peaceful drive home. Instructor Roberta Weiner has led thousands of adults and children in Yoga Nidra sessions, and has done multiple advanced trainings in Yoga Nidra at Kripalu Center.

Yin Yoga

Discover Stillness.

Experience Breath and Balance
As you Journey Inward with Yin Yoga

“If you have been doing yoga for a while now, you might be experiencing only half of the practice and just some of the benefits that are available to you. Yin Yoga is the other half,” says Bernie Clark in his book The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga.

Many of us have an active yoga practice which is “yang” targeting our muscles with rhythmic, repetitive movement to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. In a Yin practice there is a sense of surrender and softening, moving slowly targeting the deeper “yin” tissues of our ligaments, bones and joints. These yin tissues are dryer and less elastic so they do not have the same ability to stretch and elongate. They need to be compressed gently for a longer period of time. The longer the body is still, the more the energy becomes concentrated in the deeper tissues.

In this class, teacher Kathleen Snapper will guide you into postures on the floor to target deeper connective tissue. Kathleen will guide you to work from a place where you feel a stretch or compression on the tissue but not pain. The work is done by remaining still, so we support the body with bolsters or blankets. Yin yoga is a very meditative practice and the hardest part may be remaining still once you are in a pose but this stillness in the body lets the muscles become inactive. When the body becomes quiet, the breath becomes quiet, and the mind slows down. We are able to cultivate a deep awareness of mind and body.

Yoga for Every Body

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That includes YOUR body!

No matter what shape, size or age you are, this class is a safe and gentle practice using a modified approach to yoga. Yoga for Every Body is specifically designed to modify the practice for your individual needs. We will practice variations to classical yoga postures to simplify the poses. Chairs and other tools will be offered as an aid to balance and stability, and a way to get the most benefit from the class. The practice will help you gain leg strength, better balance and flexibility to help you move through daily life with greater ease. We will end the class in deep relaxation, balancing the body and mind. With regular practice you will enjoy more energy, better breathing and a calm mind.

Teacher Kathleen Snapper spent a week in New Hampshire this summer training with Peggy Cappy, known for her“Yoga for the Rest of Us” programs airing on PBS since 2002.

Family Yoga!


A fun way for families to connect! This playful monthly class includes movement and guided relaxation for an enjoyable hour for all! Suggested for children ages 5 and up with a parent, grandparent or other adult! $10/person or $25 for the whole family!

Next class – Saturday, March 7 4:30-5:30 pm at the Prana Center