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Beginner’s Yoga – two new sessions!

Prana center yoga teacher Michele Proulx of Natick

If you’ve been meaning to try Yoga but something is holding you back, Beginner’s Yoga is a wonderful way to get started. A great introduction to Yoga for new students, or a fantastic brush-up on the basics for veterans!Yoga is a proven way to increase strength, flexibility and balance, and is wonderfully relaxing. You will learn to breath more deeply and find levels of peace and serenity you didn’t know were possible. Western science has recently caught up to what experienced practitioners know for sure in their bodies and minds – yoga (when practiced carefully with a certified teacher) truly helps heal aches and pains and can help you manage weight and overall health. Prana is offering two sessions of Beginner’s Yoga in a comfortable, non-judgmental, friendly setting! Read more and find out how to sign up, here …

Monthly Restorative Classes at Prana

yoga teacher Prana Center Holliston MA

Did you know Prana offers a monthly Restorative Yoga class? Held the first Wednesday night of each month, this is an incredibly relaxing way to relax and renew.

You will completely recharge with an hour of Restorative Yoga that’s just for you! In this hour, you will be fully supported on the floor with blankets, bolsters and blocks in a variety of Restorative Yoga poses. You will stretch out and release tension from muscles, joints – and your mind. Use your yoga card or drop in for $18. (With a card – available at the door with a check or cash – you pay as little as $11!) Full Yoga Schedule here, including a link to pay by credit card.

Next restorative yoga – Wednesday night, Nov. 6, 7-8 pm. Drop in as early as 6:45 to get set up. Done 100% on the floor, no standing.

Love to have you join us.

NEW – Kids Yoga classes

kids yoga

Back to school is exciting, and sadly also the cause of stress and anxiety for a lot of kids and teens. One way we’ve found to help with that is our after-school Kids Yoga programs. These classes help kids relax, and also give them tools to help them focus and concentrate, and get stronger and more flexible. 

Kids will – 

  • Learn to manage stress and lessen anxiety through breathing techniques and healthy movement.
  • Build focus and concentration through specific balancing techniques and mind-body practices
  • Discover inner resources for self-confidence and a healthy body self-image
  • Learn a physical practice that’s non-competitive and just for them
  • Find techniques to help them fall asleep at tonight and wake refreshed and rejuvenated
    And so much more!
    Keep reading here …

New classes for fall!

kids yoga

It’s still July as I write, but we are busy planning our expanded fall schedule! New classes for kids, great selection of Beginner’s classes, more Vinyasa, new times! Stay in touch by joining our mailing list. Roberta Weiner sends out a weekly email with updates to the schedule and yoga tips and info. 

Prana is heating up this summer!

yoga gift certificates

Summer slow down? No way! Classes all summer long! There’s something for everyone, whether you have been practicing for decades or just starting out! Check out the full Yoga Schedule here.