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NEW – Tuesday night Yin Yoga series

Yin Yoga Prana Center

Join Kathleen Snapper at the Prana Center for this wonderfully relaxing Yin Yoga series! 

In this six-week session Kathleen will guide you into postures on the floor (no standing poses) with the intention of targeting the yin tissues. Holding postures in a relaxed way, non-aggressively with appropriate pressure, not strained, allowing muscles to remain stretched but without engaging them. We will use bolsters, blocks and blankets to support us in these postures, but this is different than restorative yoga because we are feeling an appropriate level of tension on the tissues while we stay in the posture for a few minutes.

Read more about Yin Yoga here … 

Prana teacher of the week

Prana Center Holliston MA yoga teacher

Meet Prana teacher of the week – Kathleen Snapper! Kathleen loves to play in the snow and loves yoga, so why not do both together! “Getting into the poses without sliding is the tough part, that brings out the giggles,” she says! Kathleen brings the same playful spirit to her three wonderful Vinyasa Flow classes at Prana!

Kathleen explains what drew her to the practice: “For me the Vinyasa Flow practice is like a dance. It is an energetic, meditative practice moving from one pose to another, always connecting to the breath.” Kathleen’s yoga journey continues, as she has recently studied mindfulness meditation and looks forward to studying Yin Yoga. She values time as a student, and you will usually see her on the mat in Roberta’s Sunday morning class!

When not on her yoga mat or meditation cushion, Kathleen enjoys reading, cycling, hiking, kayaking, and snowshoeing. She loves spending quality time with family and friends, and traveling with her husband.

Here are two recent testimonials about Kathleen! From a Google review from Michele P. yesterday: Kathleen’s classes are “the right mix of movement, strength building, flexibility and breathwork. I love how she walks around the class giving vocal cues or hands-on assists to make your pose even deeper. You leave her classes calm yet energized.” Kate C. wrote on Facebook last week: “I love the movements, the flow, and Kathleen’s teaching style. No matter how I feel when I get there, I feel rejuvenated and strong when I leave.”

January is the perfect time to try something new – maybe a Tuesday morning, Thursday after-work or Saturday morning class with Kathleen!

For the full schedule with all our wonderful teachers, see the Yoga Schedule page.

15 weekly Yoga classes to choose from!

yoga poses yoga classes Prana Center Holliston MA

Did you know the Prana Center in Holliston, MA, has 15 classes every week for you to choose from? That’s why we call the Prana Center your one-stop Yoga Studio! With just one Yoga card, you can select from Vinyasa, Kripalu, Slow Flow, Gentle, Yoga FUNdamentals, Yoga Core and Mindfulness Meditation. Or drop in any time! Check out the full schedule here!

YES – Gift cards are available

Acting class Prana Center Holliston MA

Gift cards from the Prana Center are an easy way to thank your favorite teacher, reward a loved one, or mark any special occasion. Available in a variety of charming designs from holiday to birthday! You can purchase a gift card to be used for your grandchild’s Summer Acting, a friend’s intro to Yoga, or a full Yoga card for your spouse – to name just a few!

Use this link to order!

Relax with our guided meditations – free!

meditation yoga prana center

Did you know there are guided meditations and relaxations of all lengths on our YouTube site? There’s a breathing exercise of just one minute. A guided relaxation for three. Help for insomnia lasting 20 minutes. And much more. Here’s just one of many!