Yoga Teachers

Roberta Weiner

Roberta Weiner yoga teacher

Roberta Weiner 

Studio owner Roberta Weiner has practiced Yoga for more than 30 years and taught for 15 as a certified Kripalu and Hatha Yoga teacher. She loves tailoring the practice to meet the individual needs of students of all ages and ability levels, and credits her personal Yoga and Meditation practice with allowing her to enjoy her other passion, directing Youth Theatre with casts of up to 90 children! Her mission is to warmly welcome new students to the Prana Center and mentor new teachers to keep the love of Yoga growing! Roberta has hundreds of hours of additional training, especially in Yoga Nidra, Meditation and teaching students with osteoporosis and arthritis to take care of their joints.

Mary-Ellen Dolan Kramer

Mary-Ellen Kramer yoga teacher


A certified Vinyasa Flow Teacher and Reiki 1 practitioner, loves sharing the physical and mental benefits of Yoga with her students. She is mindful that all students are on their own journeys and loves welcoming new students as well as assisting students who are looking for more challenges within their existing practice.

Mary Starr Green

mary starr green yoga teacher

Mary Starr Green is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and Reiki Level 2 practitioner.  Her teaching is supported by meditation as well as ongoing study and training in a variety of yoga traditions and healing modalities.  Mary has trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn and completed the Practicum in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) UMass Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness.

Mary is one of four Kripalu-trained teachers at the Prana Center. For more information visit

Courtney O’Regan


Courtney O’Regan was drawn to yoga after being diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager, and it has given her a great sensitivity to physical limitations, especially with the back. Her yoga certification is “The Yoga of Energy Flow,” and her style includes elements of slow flow combined with attention to proper alignment. She is also a new mom of 2 and loves helping other moms stay healthy and centered through Yoga.

Laura Orth

Laura Orth yoga teacher

Laura Orth is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and Level 2 LifeForce Yoga Practitioner (pranayama for depression and anxiety). A clinical social worker, she discovered yoga doing advanced trainings to address depression and anxiety with Amy Weintraub. After experiencing the healing effects of a yoga practice after breast cancer, Laura was inspired to become a yoga teacher. Laura is a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher who enjoys the interplay of ancient and modern traditions.


Laura is one of four certified Kripalu Yoga teachers at the Prana Center. To learn more about the Kripalu Center, visit

Kathleen Snapper

Kathleen Snapper yoga teacher

Kathleen Snapper

Kathleen has been practicing yoga since 2003. She soon became intrigued with the mind, body, and spiritual dynamics of yoga. Once her children left for college, she decided to quit her office job to acquire her 200-hour teaching certificate in Vinyasa Power Flow at H.Y.P. Studios. Along with teaching at local yoga studios in the Metrowest area, she is a hands-on assistant at the Metrowest Yoga and Training Center. Kathleen enjoys helping students with alignment adjustments, so they can find their fullest expression of a pose.
“For me the Vinyasa Flow practice is like a dance. It is an energetic, meditative practice moving from one pose to another, always connecting to the breath.”
Kathleen’s yoga journey has recently taken her to studying mindfulness meditation and she is now sharing this meditation practice with her students.
When she is not on her yoga mat or meditation cushion, she enjoys reading, cycling, hiking, kayaking, and snowshoeing. She loves spending quality time with family and friends, and traveling with her husband.

Kelly DiChiara

yoga teacher prana center holliston

Kelly DiChiara, Certified Hatha Yoga teacher, started doing Yoga at age 18 and has always found a peaceful connection with the practice of Yoga. Over the years, she has found Yoga has helped her gain strength, reduce stress and become more mindful. She enjoys teaching both adults and children, and introducing them to the joys of Yoga. She loves to share the positive experiences she’s received from Yoga with others whom she meets on the mat.

Jacki Libby


Jacki Libby

Jacki found yoga as a safe place to hide from the chaos of everyday life. She immediately became inspired by the healing powers of yoga and began calling it ‘magic.’ A teacher of hers told her that may be false advertisement, but for Jacki, yoga has been just that – magical.

Jacki teaches Vinyasa flow – a vigorous, athletic, breathing practice that builds heat within the body, strengthens and conditions the body and also increases flexibility. She also teaches gentle restorative – a very slow moving, meditative, breathing practice that uses props and the weight of the body to relax and settle down. She believes we spend most of our days gripping, holding, clenching, and hardening. We take very little time to let go, release, and to be soft. This is the reason she loves the opposite yet complimentary energies in Vinyasa style and Restorative style yoga.

Jacki steps on her mat everyday – as a student and a teacher. Her work integrates movement with mindfulness. She offers clear instruction, with an emphasis on how the pose should feel rather than how it looks. Her intention is to build trust – a connection with her students, and to create a space where the students can begin to trust themselves. Because that’s where all the magic begins.

Jacki received her Yoga training at Metrowest Yoga and Training Center in Worcester, MA.

Dave Dunbar

Detox yoga class at the Prana Center in Holliston MA

Dave Dunbar is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher, and has been teaching at a variety of locations since 2005. He currently teaches at LifeTime Athletic in Westwood, the Adirondack Club in Franklin, Bridgewater Correctional Complex, and at CVS corporate headquarters in Woonsocket, RI. His approach on the mat is compassionate and understanding; his classes range from gentle to vigorous.

For more than 40 years, Dave was involved at every level of the newspaper publishing industry. Starting as a reporter, he rose to editor; then moved to advertising where his positions included account manager, director of sales and marketing, vice president, and publisher.
Dave lives in Bellingham, MA, with his wife of 45 years, Irene.  Nearby are their four grown children and nine grandchildren.  He is “retired,” but teaching eight yoga classes each week.
Dave is one of four certified Kripalu Yoga teachers at the Prana Center. To learn more about the Kripalu Center, visit

Tony Lulek

Tony Lulek

Tony Lulek lives in Holliston and is a practicing Buddhist. He has been meditating for 15 years. He practices the Vipassana (Insight) style of meditation. He worked for Wisdom Publication (a Buddhist publisher) in Somerville for the past 14 years and recently left that position to follow some of his many dreams. He owns Little Beehive Farm in Holliston and is a local advocate and supporter of organic and locally raised food.